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Nothing under the sun lasts forever, but a service will ensure  that you get the full potential from your vehicle.

 Imagine just idling in traffic and  *boom*. your vehicle just cuts out and won’t restart.  The sweat starts to pour from your face, especially when people drive by in “slo-mo” and give you dirty looks for blocking  up traffic, or even worse, they blow their horns!

The thing is, your car was giving you subtle hints for weeks, but you ignored them didn’t you!  You can admit it to us, we won’t judge you!

Think back….hmmm remember that morning it started  and while driving it cut out, but started back, or even the hard start it gave you in the afternoon, but you brushed it off because it started on the second attempt.   Those were your RED flags, your car as calling for your attention.

No one wants to think of the worse, but could you imagine driving through an intersection and while pressing gas your vehicle loses power or  even worse, you apply pressure to your  brakes and it doesn’t hold and  not to scare you, but the worse feeling ever,  seeing smoke coming from the engine bay.   All of these are things that could happen, if you continue to ignore the signs and cries for help your car offers you.

The Importance of a Service!

A service includes changing of various parts and fluids- if unchanged these go unchanged they WILL start to thicken over time causing your engine to work harder, eventually leading to damaged seals and leaks in your engine.  

The transmission which is responsible for moving your vehicle back and forth works the same way as well as your power steering rack and brakes. A trained professional can tell you a lot about your vehicle just by the appearance of the fluids in your vehicle. You should avoid letting your fluids turn black or get too thick because that is when the damages start.

A service also includes the changing of your air filter, your air filter does exactly that! filter the air  and trapping all unnecessary debris before it can get into your engine. Try covering your nose and mouth to breath, it’s not as comfortable as breathing freely, that is how your air filter works on your vehicle.

Your vehicle also carries a fuel filter as well, yes. You guess right! It filters your fuel to make sure you are burning clean gas. A blocked fuel filter is extremely dangerous and unpredictable and could cause an accident.

Join us in our next blog post as we speak about Spark plugs, brakes and  those pesky dashboard notifications that light up.  

Remember, have a trained professional check your car!  Motor Zone, is here for all of your vehicular needs, so if you need a part, give us a buzz!